Artist Garou: poster of concerts

Билеты Гару
10 march 19:00 tuesday



Pierre Garan, whom everyone knows under the pseudonym Garou, whose songs are well known to us. If you ask about the history of the ascent of the singer "Garou" whose biography looks like this: he was born in Canada in 1972 on June 26th. Today he is known as a sought-after actor, performer of his songs. Colossal popularity fell upon him after he played the role of Quasimodo in 1998 in the French musical Notre Dame de Paris. The artist was recognized as top not only in Paris, people from all over the world began to recognize him. Pierre organized a tour together with the rest of the guys participating in the musical from 1998 to 2000.

The year before, his performances could be seen, in particular, in various restaurants and beer bars.

After the musical received a tremendous excitement, the artist seriously took up musical activities in solo performance. His debut solo music collection was Seul (The Lonely). The compositions included in the collection gained no less fame than Pierre himself. One track from the album was even performed in collaboration with the world famous singer Celine Dion.

A year later, the presentation of the next collection "Seul... avec vous" took place, which included a cover version of many popular compositions.

In the fall of 2003, the singer's admirers had the opportunity to hear the newly-minted musical collection "Reviens" ("Returning"). One of the included compositions “Come back. Where are you hiding? " instantly began to occupy leading positions on the charts.

Three years later Pierre presented his third music collection "Garou".

In 2008, at the end of spring, he started publishing the fourth collection, Part of My Soul. The peculiarity of this album was that it was presented in English. Previously, the singer did not release English-language collections. All the musical compositions and songs performed by Garou are a pleasure to listen to, according to eyewitnesses of his performance at the concert, the viewer leaves the concert after completion in a feeling of complete satisfaction.

The following year, Pierre began acting for the first time in the film "The Return of Love" in his life, and he gets the main role.

A little later, the artist released his fifth cover-compilation "Gentleman cambrioleur". The album includes songs in both English and French.

In 2010, he began to actively tour France, performing in various cities.

In winter, he is invited to perform with one of his compositions at the opening of the Olympic Games. After that, the star recorded another musical collection "Version intégrale".

Two years later, in the middle of winter, Pierre becomes the mentor of telecasting talent in France.

In autumn 2013, he presents the eighth collection "Au milieu de ma vie".

In the winter of 2014, viewers enjoy a collection of conceptual compositions dedicated to Christmas.

In 2016, he is already hired as a mentor for the talented participants in the aforementioned French show. Its mission is to help aspiring musicians express themselves to their fullest.

In the same year, he opens his first cabaret restaurant, Le Manko.

He still continues to realize himself as a successful musician. In the future, he plans to release several more albums in different languages.